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2012-01-18 - -
2012-01-09 - Karma vs. dogma
2012-01-02 - -
So you think you are - Obviously I'm
Oh I'm sorry - So not what you ordered
2011-04-08 - Censor this, Asshole.
2011-04-08 - The start of who gives a fuck
Just to keep - tag your it
imenminot - yugodofuckme4
2009-04-07 - devil'z tower
2008-11-17 - -
PINK - comma oh by the way which one's
trans - fat
2008-03-22 - -
say hello to - an adventure almost from the start
2007-12-29 - alive
Socrates - is not a common name
A matter of - faith
not regret - having wishes
I am so - ready to write again
finally figured - me out not
Sometimez new - is the same as old
I wanna go - ta fla againa real soona
I'm in a good - state
from my point of - you
sleep can be - a dreamscape
How many - money for nuthin' pi for free
number one or - gentlemen..sharpen your pencils
who turned off - from one extreme to the other
to be or....... - return of the peazant
My heart bleeds for - z0tl
Snips and snails - and multi task trails
dizzy? sure I am dizzy - must be the zoloft
ya - rule not ja
Think I wrote all - was meant to be said
mistaken - meself for someone else
You don't - just forge ahead, Mary
You and - Yourself and me and I
it all - multiplies
all the news that's - not really
If thoughts are - free
I'm singin' this note - for a second rhyme (time)
life is - bigger than me
order - I am out of it
If I - only knew
enough - time at last
a - bit of a problem
not a - frivilous entry
re - alignment
2004-08-25 - hasta siempre
2004-08-04 - q chips and an order of apple holes
2004-08-04 - q chips and an order of apple holes
2004-08-04 - q chips and an order of apple holes
naughta - moment too soon
2004-06-12 - good mourning
say - it loud
Non-sequential - maxi-paths
at and - and e may not be past perfect
it's nearly time - isn't it always?
eggs - without rawness
it's all rela - ted
feline - rebirth
What is the difference - between chicago time and the others?
would you like to buy - a new focus
Imagine - there's no heaven
Method - without bias?
how much wampum - for that doggy in the window
Who's on first? - Did you call?
give it take it , ignore it - freedomz lifted lightly
A shave - by a digital razor
physics rules - it's not your father's science.
Fault - me if you will.
different - a horse of
did I say this before? - or was it after?
Can what is not there - be somewhere else?
which one - my choice?
mirror - mirror on the floor
Never give - freedom
Rx for good - or is that temporary?
the kiss of - pre-thought birth
space hoax? - Technology value from space? Sure.
2004-01-15 <---yesterdate - all my troubles seemed so close to me
Fair to partly cloudy -'s so...........clear.
you already knew that - it would happen.
2003-12-04 - as I was saying.....
present - least real time
Official announcement - I'll be baaack.
A struggle can be a - lot of incentive to win.
Time for another short - story about tweaking the past
Still my favorite entry - A story of pies and fairs and trips to stars upon the stairs.
I bet you think this entry's - written just for you. How many you's are there anyway?
What I see is what I see - Am I missing anything?
Life and death is in the - hands of the victor
Hearts in feathers - Thanks Melissa.
2003-07-11 - It is war then.
A hold up and a death - Might just be funnier than you think.
Royal - chores
Only one right way? - Maybe I don't read enough.
Dingy Mary - Thanks for your compassion
Time distortion? - Is not a felony.
Depends on who you - fill in the blanks with.
No answers - to three questions.
Speak no evil - Monkey business
eye to eye - tooth to nail
We will, we will - wipe the mud off our faces.
2003-06-24 - Better and worse all at the same time.
Hopeful signs - everywhere signs blockin out the serious
Floyd... - shoulda stayed a barber in Mayberry
2003-06-21 - four dose riba this time with meat
2003-06-21 - Careful with that axe Eugene
2003-06-20 - The red coats. hmm British are coming.
2003-06-20 - oops train wrieck
Mess with the best - Or a night to remember
2003-06-20 - Tx for beginners
Re runs on another - Seriously, I am not lying about this.
Careful...there may be - something to learn from yourself.
The choice is mine - The consequences are yours.
we didn't start the fire - though a fan may sometimes hasten destruction
2003-06-12 - good bye
Freedom may be bought - Yet can it be sold?
The moon in - my dreams
Summer I love you and - I wish I had the energy to link you now.
Excited about the trial, - Johnny Cochran would be.
What are you - going to see now?
I til now am in absentia - Not the same thing as dementia.
A statement between - two thorns
Shall we play a game? - Someone always wants to play
Would that be term, - Seguranza. Ya sure it is.
It is over that way - or is that this way?
You can get anything you - can pass thru the straw that broke the camel's back
am or pm? - the nite time medicine
Stickiness is for tape - what respect is to a relationship.
Call me in the morning - and take two cyanide tabs with plenty of fluids.
Up on a tight rope - No time to be a dope. This is the real deal.
overdue books - Sorry, your library card has been revoked.
Reconnections - very welcome you are.
freedom is worth - OH never mind, it is priceless.
Somebody stop me - before I write again.
Too much caffeine? - The strongest drug I currently use.
Do you unnerstan the - reason why people beat their heads against my brick wall?
Ya I know, not many will - WTF was I thinking? Oh ya, not thinking.
The end - tho probably not really.
Up of - down to next please
Secrets almost - always are hidden things.
I want a real list - or an unreal list. either one will do.
A grim fairy tale of - poor results from the same methods.
what the hell is wrong - with the idea of being nice to one another?
gotta go now - away that is
Let sleeping dogs - or tell the truth
four twos - do not an eight make
do the - different than do it
then again - to repeat myself
I don't know the time, - Not that it matters.
let's decide - to not decide
Comedy kills - As if death was all that funny.
When they say... - Open to interpretation, they mean it.
Spock 101 - 4 credit hours
Wanna save cash? - Come on baby let's take a chance.
Instant - humans, just add life and time.
Buddy can you spare - the time change?
Both - at once
It's all about you - Benjamin
Energy as viewed - through mortal eyes
Justice a seven letter - Crossword answer
Our lives may not be - destined to head on crashes after all.
To jnickole the girl with - the musical Zoe
mind on my music - mind on my manners
kazaa dreams - and musical schemes with showers
If I did not tell you this is - how I feel, how would you know?
Not counting this line - cause this line doesn't count.
Cat and play - tastes like chicken
Watch out for the - Powders of the not movie kind.
an eye for an eye - how does the time fly
Muzic to my earz - It's not Koreanz I fearz
fijord fjiord fjord dreams - Greetings your lochness.
Only women - know the price of procreation
Figure this one to be - the fourth one from me.
Paging Al Kaduh. - to the incarceration desk
High rollers - wait to play
Editor's notes - are what they are called in the business
Fantasy Island - da plane da plain.
I am the pirate - And you're not.
Timber me shivers and - eat no long john silvers.
Ode to a laundry - a payment of quarters
quick - like a bunny
French fries, toast - and whines
excerpts from a note - To my personal peep
Exciting exotic - gently slanting eyes and hitting the slopes
A pace for everything - Sleepy time teas and strings made of G's
A tale of endorphins - synthetically morphin'
Have the gods - Lost my mind?
Bring your own bag - Then she found me. We were lost.
Batter up. - Three pitches, two strikes and no balls.
Lost and found - Deja vu only stronger
Happy tales of lasting - failures repeated like the tolling bell.
From one to there - Minus the t is here, or aptly tis here.
Et tu [insert name here] - Ahh, timing IS everything, is it not?
If you look to build a person - I am not the one.
the other - way of looking at it
This is your day - And all the other mothers
Who was - going to last awhile
What shall be said - What shall be done?
A mind is never - truly used without a little waste
Contradictions in my - emptiness
I have - more than this
surrounded by love - Wrapped in care
Qin and P superheroines - and friends
She says I am ok. - I am not ok, I am dc, not ac.
Earth visitors - to my universe
Exotic eyes. I Like eyes. - Especially in pairs.
Entry rated - 8 on a scale of one to ten.
I wonder if I could buy - Too many drug entries. My mind on my honey and my honey on my mind.
Do you say it is lost - You should have read the one that got away.
Kool-Aid, cars, neurons, - A brief example of what drugs can do to the mind.
A mind is a terrible - thing to use drugs on. People actually like this feeling?
Exercise - For the health of it.
About something - Medical surgery gone wrong. No damage.
Chemical menu - Thanx Glaxo. You are wellcome
And now for Zumthing - zure to be enjoyed by few.
Interfearin wit yo - everything?
It's only water it can - be made from hydrogen and oxygen electrically bound
why not trust? I don't - know a better way. Do you?
I have most of what I - love, and it is enough.
Out the window did I - see a vision of love.
Yuta Shohei I have - had the pleasure of speaking with you.
The power of the mind - so exceeds the power of the body.
If you think there is no - simple explanation, you are wrong.
Alone? Never for long - Never very far from me are thoughts of you.
Baby oil, it does a body - slippery, shiny, rich looking kind of thing.
If you could would you - would you choose this or that?
A dream weaver's - sleep viewed as a spectator.
War games - Can be taken so seriously sometimes.
Use and care - Of living organisms
thought about it...still like - Till death dew uspart
Broken toolz - I am just disgusted with this.
A dream in time - The days were mine.
I don't need nuttin' - Well I mean sometimes I do.
Welcome back home - From a departure to the real world.
It doesn't mind if you - there is no particular substance
2003-04-16 - Date and time again hope it is not a habit.
Time - is at my back
2003-04-14 - For me...for you...don't try to understand if you already don't.
If it's not - it probably is.
And now some words - with too many meanings.
Let's bitch about - something.
Another time to decide - another time to speak from the heart.
Dreams are to sleeping - promises are for keeping.
Empire builder, - you are fading from sight.
A ceiling of rope - A bridge made of plaster.
Truth - does not change it's nature.
20 I's, 9 she's, what when - and and my it's progress.
Do you know what I - am asking of you?
Hi honey, what's - On the menu
Don't crush your bird - and watch your grip
Spring ahead, not - Better to let time flow forward sometimes.
All bad things must - Stay in that pain-numb house.
There is a door... - Is it possible to run out of tears?
Dreaming of a kiss - It seemed pretty real to me.
Goths, is their sad the - In depth explanation of my writing methods.
A time to choose which - Beats having no choices at all.
This is about you. - And deny if you will. Still it is not hidden well
Freedom - sweeter when made by hand.
Freedom - very expensive when store bought.
Love? or drug induced - Sim world
To a certain - scorekeeper
Elephant walls, or - Saving starfish Patrick
Pink Ozark Mountain - Early evening foggy breakdown.
Come on baby - Let's take a chance.
boomerang - Retracing steps to where I am
I have only one life. I - Will share it however.
Waiting for what? - Looking for where?
if x 12 please answer - lend me your hand
unsorted and out of order - If I said that first, would that make it last?
Kissing sometimes - lets me see like you.
Do unto others, then - Expecting is not always pregnant.
I am I said - Short description for the "older links"
Spring ahead - ahead to the past.
Beth except for the enemy - part, This is a note for Beth (emperor)
Pleased to meet me, - One for All? All or nothing? A mixed DC
Mass consumption? - Five star fast food
2003-03-27 - Demi Jenn Beth Ellipsis Sandy Susan Ash Treewillow Lisaanne Leslie Irene somebody stop me.
A cup of wind for me to - Never breathe and drink at the same time.
Oh mother, what a mother - I love you Mothers
Where is mine? - Did I leave it with you?
Twelve questions - An even dozen.
I wish you had not told me - things I did not want to hear.
Who you gonna call. - Cleanin' out my closets.
Eminem says...not to be - lettin no MOFO steal yo happiness.
And now a word from - Our deepest thoughts on biological, chemical, and psychological war.
I fantasize about being - Some kind of super hero. I am not one.
Lack of Isolation makes - Beats being alone everytime.
good bye again - You are not forgotten
Multiple - Answers single questions.
Am I written off, or do - they wait for me to break?
Did I say I would make - Shorter is a little easier for me to digest.
18 things hidden - 2 quite plainly spoken.
Tell me what you want - me to say
I close my eyes - and dot my I's
Mr. Sandman - Make her the smartest that I've ever seen.
almost too late - There is always next time.
Inspired by things I - Does it end before it begins?
Hello. sdmtdddz - He said. She said. Hearts that hear do heal.
Why do some memories - She spoke to me in the cool damp air..
Why? because it is so - One without the other.
He's a pinball wizard - Can't hear no buzzers and bells.
More than words - I cannot say the things I want to in this way.
If never was a ship - How long is forever where you come from?
Will it go round in - A circular space?
Well if I asked why - Not all that talented
Could you rephraze that - as if the letters themselves belonged to me?
The only reason you - I bet you think this entry is about you.
2003-03-17 - -
a little later in the saga - A 12 Step Program for Peace.
If I find the strength - I am fine, are you still alive? Thanks for asking
And so you say it is - a dream, not quite as real as it may seem.
late one evening - A note from Treasa. A poem for me.
Paradise by the - Pound it good. pound it real good
later than i think - Did I write this to you
Later than sleep - Of wells and skies and truths and lies.
Thanks for your words - Yuta Shohei, words of gold.
2003-03-10 - What ever. yeah, what ever.
I cann0t seem t0 remember - T0 say theze thingz in my other.
Where has all my - I thought migraine was for gurlz
I added an entry - I cannot write that which was lost.
Quickly added as I have - A promise to keep.
They write........ - they hear as well as listen
Link likes notes - and notes of one follow links also.
Life is a mystery - Madonna, Taj Mahal, and the Cable guy.
From now until -
later than I wish - I heart emperorincxt, and appreciate her.
Good bye - Mr. Rogers neighborhood
No date no time - Futility of words when words don't come.
This may be what - Could be the beginning of the end.
Mildly coded - Doctor Hickory Fantasy Injuries Treated.
Awareness I find - The Emporers' New Clothes. Or is it just a pile?
Does it really matter? - Ginger dreams, Shakespeare themes.
Congrats to Norah - The truth, the whole truth, or at least part of it.
Waiting for a dream - Value without measure has no limits.
Taj Mahal and Etta - Somebody stop me...Oh yeah that's my job.
I cannot say - Wake me up gently.
From a different - Plane boat or train
The alienated - Collective echo.
Entry number 49 - preceeded by exactly 48 others
2003-02-18 - Happy anniversary to me.
Music to the ears? - Lyrical Title
Finally I was able to - Lanh time no see. Dinner date for me.
yeah i suppose there - Sighs
2003-02-15 - what do you really expect? nothing is a good answer
I am not sure I see - Simon on Gravity and other weighty issues
I was wondering - about something Mr. z0tl
Happy Birthday - Beth
Rose YC oh yeah - A. Rose You Carry it's in the initial stage.
could life be much better - Beth, Jenn, Mike, and Ash
2003-02-09 - A letter to Ash on a special day.
thinking of mom - Good Memories of a MOM
future note - Rose by another name
2003-02-08 - A special day
clone? no. copy? no - Here comes the Sun, little darlin'
I am tired so - I see der point and sharp it is
missing by inches - Yajaira and friends
google, yahoo, whatever - Google bombs and love notes. The screenplay.
Come away into - A memories of a woman I never met
Am I coming into - Focus the nerves. Exploring the curves.
when you wish upon - Plagiarized? Did I spell that right?
why do you feel a - I AM AT PEACE WITH MY LIFE
2003-02-01 - For the families of STS 107
why can't I get - Time....What a Concept.....
I am not sure - Angel kisses
I just love this - Maggie notes
Ash, you said to... - Remember, Ash? A question
Entrees and - Older can be so sublime
Norah lovers' - Swirling sky in the night
priceless - Ash and Mike, thank you both
timeless - D thoughts of last night, A
waiting - TIME OUT WEST
I see - Pinker blue no link for you.
I mean to say - ms-ashlynn
2003-01-24 - Dcalien
lyrical - Zoe
family ties - Carolina
your gift - Sophie
you made - Ash ~smiles~
2003-01-22 - DAVE THE REAL DEAL
not alone - Trays
summer and - Summer and J
thinking of you - Sophie
the 7th wonder - ASH
playin around - JENN
timing - Cindy
from the past - z0tl
for all time - Ash 143 Angelic

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